Scooter Accident Attorney in Colorado Springs

Scooter Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in an electric scooter accident?  You may need an electric scooter accident attorney in Colorado Springs to represent you.  Winegar Law can help you get fair compensation for your case.   With the rise in electric scooters around town, there has also been an increase in electric scooter accidents.  While most electric scooter accidents are minor, having a more serious injury is not uncommon.  Do not assume that you are personally liable for your injuries.   If you have been seriously injured in an electric scooter accident in Colorado Springs, contact Winegar Law for your free case evaluation.   We will review the facts of your case for free. If your case qualifies, we will take your case and you owe us nothing unless we win!

Finding the right electric scooter accident attorney in Colorado Springs can be a challenge.  You need to retain counsel who has proven trial experience in personal injury in Colorado Springs.   Winegar Law is a proven trial attorney that gets results.   If you have been seriously injured in an electric scooter accident and feel that you may need an electric scooter accident attorney, we recommend doing the following:

  • Document your injuries (including photos)
  • Take photos of any property damage
  • Save screen shots from the app or emails related to the electric scooter rental
  • Write down the events that led to the electric scooter injury
  • Save any police reports, hospital bills, or other public reports regarding the incident
  • Contact Winegar Law using the contact form below

Even if you feel that you may have been at fault, you may still need the services of an electric scooter accident attorney in Colorado Springs.   At Winegar Law we can quickly evaluate your case and let you know if you may be entitled to compensation.  If you are looking for an electric scooter accident attorney fill out the free consultation form at the bottom of this page.

Common Electric Scooter Companies

There are a number of different electric scooter companies.  Below is a list of the most common electric scooter companies:

  • Bird electric scooter accident attorney
  • Lime electric scooter accident attorney
  • Spin electric scooter accident attorney
  • Razor electric scooter accident attorney
  • Lyft electric scooter accident attorney

If you have been in an electric scooter accident with any of these companies above or any other electric scooter company, contact Winegar Law using the contact form at the bottom of this page.  If you have been injured on your own personal electric scooter, you may be entitled to compensation if the injury was a result of someone else’s negligence.

Common Electric Scooter Injuries

The most common types of scooter injuries were closed head injuries, concussions, and lacerations.  While many electric scooter accidents results in minor injuries, some injuries can have a life long impact.  Other common injuries include broken bones, fractures, sprains, and other serious injuries that may impact your mobility.

If you have been involved in an electric scooter crash and you have experienced severe injuries we recommend a free consultation.  A quick phone call to Winegar Law can provide you with clear direction on whether you need an electric scooter accident attorney.   Our initial consultations are completely free and there is no pressure.

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